Welcome to The Commander’s Challenge, a web log dedicated to challenge coins, their lineage, and the men and women in uniform who earn them. Here you won’t find ads for coin production companies, pop-ups for display products, or other things of retail (however perhaps a few mandated Word Press ads now and again). As an Army combat veteran, one of my passions is numismatics specializing in military challenge coins and the preservation of these unique military honors. To this end The Commander’s Challenge is dedicated to building community awareness of legitimate challenge coins, honor the units and soldiers whom issue and receive them, and confront the growing business of counterfeiting military honor for mass profit.

Mission Statement

My mission is to present an on-line photo gallery and discussion highlighting challenge coins, their designs, and greater symbolism. Furthermore, the goal is to preserve the heritage of a unit’s challenge coin and commanders, while honoring the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who’ve earn them. This is accomplished by photographing unit challenge coins (once its pedigree has been verified) with interviews and/or research specific into a unit’s action and history. These results will then be presented as an article for the greater community and improve overall awareness.


The intent of this site two-fold; (1) To promote legitimate challenge coins, their designs, and lineage while (2) Provide to the community a means to recognize counterfeit or over-produced challenge coins that are promoted and/or sold as legitimate. Such documentation preserves the challenge coin’s intrinsic value and also the unit’s integrity.

A Little About Me

DSCF1005With a nod to Internet privacy, as previously stated I am an Army combat veteran. I served in the military for eight years throughout the world to include stations in Georgia (twice), Korea, Texas, and Arizona. I have served three tours in Iraq, and four in Afghanistan, for a total of over three years in overseas service. It has been the distinct honor of my life to serve with some of the greatest individuals and units in our armed forces – and those whom have worn or wear the uniform will continue to have my respect.


A Site Dedicated to Military Challenge Coins, Their Lineage, and the Soldiers Who Earn Them

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